Woah there, buddy. New Site?

We were going to open this up with “New site, who dis?” but we’ve been told the kids aren’t saying that anymore.

Anyway…. YES, here it is! BTC’s brand new, fresh out of the box site. We haven’t even had a chance to smudge ink on it yet.

The site, itself, has largely the same information and resources as our old home, but now it’s clean and easier to navigate. Yay — great success.

But what’s that? You’re reading this in the form of a ~blog~? You betcha. We’re going to be flexible, but the plan is to use this space to share BTC News, spotlight our customers, and share some education tidbits about our world. Maybe it’s once a week, maybe it’s once a quarter. We are a small business with an ever-changing schedule, so bear with us while we get acclimated here.

Huge thank you to longtime friend, Tom Couteau and Undertow Creative for the hard work putting this together.